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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Fridge, The Rad, The Tooth and Her Dentist

The Fridge
Ok, I want to know how someone who is only 9.5 months old and has only been crawling well for just over a month can move so fast when she wants to. It doesn't matter where she is, in the dining room playing with the dog, in the kitchen staring at her reflection in the garbage can, wherever. I crack the door of the fridge open and the icy cool air has just started to spill out when her hot little body is pressed between my legs reaching into the interior, seeking purchase on shelf, onion or crisper. How can she do it and what is the fascination?

The Rad
We had fancy new wall mount rads put in when we renovated the house last year and the one in the kitchen is situated in such a place that someone who is just learning to stand can use it for balance while raiding the cookie sheet slot, or the recycling or just wants to clean off the window sill. The other day someone was indeed using the rad to hold herself up when she stretched out with one hand to grab a newspaper from the recycling. Her left foot left the ground leaving her balanced between right foot and left hand. Perfect pivot and SMACK her face goes right in to the rad, then WHAM her head connects with the floor. Much crying and plenty of bleeding.

The Tooth
Once the bleeding and crying had stopped - due in the largest part to a hasty and generous application of Breast - it was noticed that a certain young soul now had quite a snaggletooth going on. When you only have 6 teeth, it is pretty easy to spot when you have lopped a third of one off. Her top left front tooth comes to quite a nice point now.

Her Dentist
This occasioned somebody's first visit to the dentist. Turns out that it is only enamel that was chipped off, no root is exposed, and we just have to watch that it doesn't turn grey - which it will if the root was damaged.

Now I am thinking this all ties together because if I had just let her get busy and pull everything out of the fridge like she wanted to then she wouldn't have been at the rad, wouldn't have done the face plant, wouldn't have chipped her tooth and wouldn't have gone to the dentist. Silver lining though - the dentist is in Little India so I got to buy delicous Barfi for the teenager and I to share.


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