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Thursday, September 14, 2006


The Toronto Midwifery Collective had their annual Baby Picnic last saturday in Dufferin Grove park and we went. It was a pretty good time, lots of babies, lots of old friends and plenty of midwives. Sadly only one of ours was present but it was good to see her. It was also a chance to reunite all the babies from the pre-natal class - well almost all, there is one family that has never really been interested in keeping in touch. It was a great place to eat lots of sugary junkfood. MMMM mini donuts. We took something healthy, but I ate crap. Baby got to try her first Masal Dosai, and her first not made by me daal. One of the nice things about baby poo is that it makes it really easy to remember what you fed them the day before. The daal was very easy to distinguish on Sunday morning.


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