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Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day

Today was my first day off work and the first day of all alone with her imperial majesty. I feel so lame even commenting on it when her Mom hasn't been away from her for even 4 hours since she was born, but there it is, my first day alone with the kid.

It went really well, eating breakfast, napping, going to the library, lunching, napping, dropping by work to meet the new boss, napping, dinner, bath and bed. Pretty damn well actually.

It's not even as if I was alone with here for all that long N. was only at work for 4 hours today. Tomorrow 5 and so on until we work up to a full day next week.

It is all very exciting. I even got a watch so I could make sure not to be late for naps or story time or indoor play time or all the other exciting stuff that will now rule my life.

I really cannot wait.


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