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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Over a week already gone!


over a week of my paltry 3 months at home is already gone! Crap, this isn't going to be nearly long enough. It is so great spending all day with the weeny one, I can't bear the thought of her going off to daycare and me going to work.

Now that said, let me make a few things clear. As great as being with her is, there is no respite from it (especially with her being a 35 minute nap taker), and too much of anything - even a good thing - can get wearying after a while. As well, I have nothing against daycare, and particularly not for profit - licensed - unionised daycare - hello campus co-op. The teenager went to daycare at Campus Co-op and it was a totally positive experience all round, she came out better and so did I. I am just not ready to send the baby off. I am not really ready to go back to work now, but I am sure I will be itching for it eventually. You can't do something every day for like 20 years and not want to keep at it on some level.

Everything has been getting better here with each day. After about 4 nights of pulling the weeble move and sleeping sitting up she started laying down, and has even started putting herself back to sleep when she wakes up. She hasn't cried for more than 4 minutes for about 5 nights. SWEET! I got her laying down on her own by practising on the bed during the day. I would sit her down, then lie down myself and ask her to do it. The first dozen or so times I had to help her down, and now she practically flings herself face down. I guess her muscles learnt how, because she is the same way at night by herself. We couldn't have done the whole sleeping on her own thing without the loan of the video monitor from our friends X and A. You two rock and have made our lives better.

It is wicked good as well to have the wife and the teenager back at school. What you say? What? No really it is. Firstly I missed the big one while she was gone all summer, and secondly getting back in to the swing of things makes the days flow smoothly. Getting the dinner made, the lunches made, the fruit salad made for breakfast. When I go to sleep at night I know I have the whole of the next day primed to go. I can go to sleep contentedly. Nerdy perhaps, but it does float my boat.

Every day we go to the park at least once, some days 3 times. We also go to the library 2 or 3 times a week, and starting soon sign language mother goose, and super indoor toysville playground. Maybe even story time. Who knows. The picture in this post are from the big park, and the sweet little t-shirt was from our friends A & JJ, who run the wicked business Front Door Organics which you should check out, especially if you are from Toronto and could use it. I do, and even if they didn't give my baby shirts I would still say it is a good thing.

Every day at about 2.30 we walk down to the wife's school and meet up for some serious nursing acksh once the kids are dismissed. It makes for a great cap to the afternoon, and a nice walk home. Did i mention that I am already freaking out about my return to work?

All and all this has been a great week, and I feel sorry for you all that you aren't here.


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