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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good and Bad

The reunion was nice, the rest of the weekend had it's ups and downs.

We fought for most of it. It wasn't even good cleansing fighting, it was slow silent angry death by attrition fighting. The kind where even if one of you wants to make up the other one is still too mad and that sets the wanting to make up one off again and on and on. I hate it. To be honest things still aren't all better, but they are getting there. There is nothing like parenting plus the inherent sleep deprivation plus the surly "bear with a sore paw" part of my personality to make fighting an inevitable. Add to that my hangover on Saturday morning and BOOM.

We visited friends on Saturday and they were really really nice to us, and gave us TONS of their daughters too small clothes and loaned us a LeapFrog Music Table (mixed blessing there - I don't know how many more times I can listen to that insipid leapfrog woman's voice saying things like "open" "close" "red" "triangle" etc. etc. without going mad.) While we were in their backyard the baby took her first stabs at art. She didn't draw the teddy bear thing, but she did make the emphatic dashes and slashes below it.


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