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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Weebling

So day two of being at home went even better than day one. More food was eaten, napping happened easier, we were busy having a good time when Mom came home, we weren't watching the clock. Pretty sweet! We went to the fancy library this morning, and read some books and pulled some books off the shelf, and tried to pull another kids hair. Pretty sweet! Only downer during the early part of the day was the Nannies at the fancy park. They work as a pack, when one of them gets her kids on the little kid swings they all hog them. She only takes her kids out when there is another nanny ready to jump right in. We waited and waited, but no little kid swing. So we went on a big kid swing together.

The other downer today has been the crazy weeble action. The girl will not lay down by herself. Even when I go in and help her lay down she pops right back up. Tonight she fell asleep after about an hour and a half of fussing and sitting in the corner of the crib. I was going in every 15 minutes to lay her down, but boing right back up. Finally she was in such a deep sleep that I was able to flop her down on her belly and she stayed there. It isn't like she doesn't know how to lay down. She can do it no problem. Mostly I just have to say "J, lie down" and she flops right over. If she is already on her belly and starts to get up I say "lie down" and she stays there, it is just as soon as I leave. I have never met such a stubborn 9 month old.

I love her a lot. We had a great day, both alone together and with Mom when she came home.

The summer is almost over now, and that means the teenager will soon be home. I cannot wait. Babies are nice and all, but they can't talk about things that interest them, and they don't have the attention span to watch a movie with you. Sure teenager roles her eyes when you suggest stuff to her, and gets insanely crabby for no discernable reason, but I love her just the same.

Did I mention I got a watch. Weird. Haven't had one for like at least 20 years.


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