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Monday, August 14, 2006

Baby spiders make my lawn unkempt!

I was about to mow the lawn the other night but something came up and I couldn't. Here is the thing, the damn racoons are tipping over and trashing our green bins every night, so we bought these beautiful pine and cedar boxes to store them in that are racoon proof, but we have to stain the boxes before we can put the bins in them, so now the bins are in the garage, and because they are in the garage i can't get the lawnmower out - so - my plan was to mow the lawn (there is only a little lawn) with the whipper snipper. Follow so far? I picked up the whipper snipper and turned it over to make sure there was string in it and i noticed a beautiful chocolate brown orb weaver spider with ivory lace pattern markings. I reach in to take her out so she won't get shredded when I notice she has two egg sacs with her. "OK I will take those out too", but closer inspection reveals that one of the sacs has just hatched and is crawling with hundred and hundreds of little baby spiders. They were so tiny i could hardly see them. I couldn't get all of them out without crushing a bunch, so the whipper snipper went back in the garage to wait and my lawn is still looking a fright. I did clip the hedge though.
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