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Monday, August 14, 2006

Olympics Pics

I was gonna post a bunch of pics from the olympics, but the whole issue of privacy etc. came up and I will only be posting pictures of myself or the kids. That way no crazed internet stalker will be tracking down my friends and family from my blog. If anyone who happens to be friend or family sees these and wants more pics drop me a line in the comments and I will post some pics online for you via rapidshare or something. Does that make sense. Anyhow, you can tell from them that the baby and I were on the Blue team, and the teenager was on the green team - for that matter so was N. Strangely enough, the green and blue team tied again this year. Go figure. Ok, I lied i have posted a pic of someone else, there is one of my sister and the baby, cause i thought it was so great, and if my sister has a problem with it I will call her a spoilsport.


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