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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sad Sad iPod

So my iPod really seems to be tres mort.

I tried all the fixes listed on the apple site, and that I got through my first google for the problem, but to no avail.

So I googled a little more thoroughly this morning and came up with some other ideas.

I could have a seized arm on my hardrive heads. To fix this one has to (believe it or not) whack the iPod against a hard surface. Supposedly it works.

Or I could have a loose connection to my hardrive. To fix this I have to open up the iPod and unplug and replug both cables to the drive.

Or I could have a dead hardrive. In which case I can get a new one off ebay.

Or I could just break down and get a new iPod.

I will try at least the first two options before i buy new (and I will price the drives). I know that Apple didn't build the things to last, and I know I got a year and a half out of it, but having to replace it sucks. Maybe it is time to give up on apple and get my number of the beast tattoo.

Do I really need an iPod if I am going to be at home with the baby for 3 months? I am pondering that major, but I think I would be sad without one. Perhaps I can just go back to my MP3 Discman.

I will report on my progress, and meanwhile you can check out these links to see what I have been talking about.

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  • Olympic photos coming soon.


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