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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday instead of Sunday

OK, I was supposed to post Sunday night, or Monday morning. I had the whole thing written in my head. What a great day it was, how I loved everything, I went to the park (see the picture to the side for photographic evidence), I made dal, I was listening to great music. Then the baby didn't want to go to sleep, then work was really busy the next day, then I had to go to the orthodontist with the teenager, then I spent an entire day retouching a pretend comic book cover, and don't even get me started on how many packages of fake cat food I have created. I made two brand new ones from scratch this afternoon on top of editing 36 others. So needless to say, this post is happening Thursday instead of Sunday, and the CDs from Sunday that I was going to upload are in the next room, and I can't go in there because the baby is barely asleep in there, and I really don't want her waking up again.

Baby, Wife and Teenager are all back from cottage. That is nice. I miss them when they are gone. Teenager has finished her summer job, but is headed back up north on Sunday. Baby is teething again, and would rather wake up every 15 minutes than sleep and as her mother has been responsible for all baby-work for the last 4 days I am totally in-charge of sleeping right now.

Went to a friends b-day party tonight, couldn't stay long, but had delicious Sushi, and many laughs. Baby ate jumbo olive much to everyone else's surprise. Teenager was charming.

Just finished half a tub of Caramel Cone explosion.

Best thing of all right now is that tomorrow is my last day of work for 3 whole months. Going to be at home with the baby full time. Sweet. A little nervous about how we will get along in the nap department, and fretting a touch about not having Mom around for nursing whenever we want, but know all will be well.

Teenager just complained that there are not enough pictures of her on here. Will rectify that in the coming days.


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