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Friday, August 04, 2006

At the library

Here I am at the library in BF, posting to the blog. Cool. I am here waiting for my dad to get finished grocery shopping. We just bought him a used laptop at The Source. It was weird to be encouraging someone to buy a PC. It is a pretty good deal, and once he installs some software on it, he can use it at the cottage, and at home. I am in the library where the teenager works. She looks so grownup right now using a tape dispenser and dealing with a bunch of giggling nine year old girls. The kid beside me is playing some online dungeons and dragons game and the guy on the other side is surfing for computer parts at tiger direct. I am hung-over, sweaty and more than a bit tired. I woke up the baby with my snoring this morning and N is a little annoyed with me. She is also freaking out about the last week of August and going back to work and when my leave starts, and this afternoon everybody starts showing up for the "olympics". It is going to be a tense day. Who am I writing to right now? I haven't given this link out to anyone. bye.


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