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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday at work

I am still a little flummoxed by this whole thing. Not sure if it is a question of not knowing what I am doing (most likely) or that I am expecting too much of blogger (like seeing changes when I make them.) Anyhow, I am going to put some more pictures on here today, and then I am off to the cottage. Yes the sweet sweet cottage for 5 whole days.

These are from the house (note the sister in this photo - didn't ask for permission to do this and hope it is ok), the cottage and the park.

Jemima can really crawl now, and is busy experimenting with bad moods. Scowling and angry crying are the the preffered methods of letting us know that we are cramping her style. She can stand up in her crib, and loved the Banana and Rice Milk smoothie she had for breakfast. She also loves raw green beans and cheerios.

Now, lets see if this works.


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