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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nicci is Gone

N has absconded on a school field trip for 4 days. She was freaking out about leaving Jemima for that long, and though I played all cool and “been there, done that,” I must admit to being a little nervous myself. So far (third day and counting) it is going flawlessly. Grandma is picking her up at daycare each afternoon, big sister or I hurry home and take over and the bedtime routine carries on as normal. The only big differences are that falling to sleep on a milk free stomach seems to take about 20 minutes longer, and each morning there has been a little screaming fit when she realizes her mom isn’t in bed with me. Both the daughters are troopers. I don’t think I could have handled it this well without the big one, she is a calming influence and it is way easier to walk the dog leaving the baby at home. The biggest issue for me is missing N. Who would think that not having a comforter hogging bossy pants at home would be a sad occasion, but it is. I am a sucker for that woman. I love her.


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