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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Work Space

Here are some pictures of the agency I am working at now. I am posting them up for Heidi who doesn’t really believe that we have an indoor slide and fire pole. Here is visual proof. I have had the images in Photoshop, but I swear they aren’t faked. I have not tried the slide, but I have sat in the bleachers. Not included is a shot of the fake hot tub TV Watching/Meeting Space.

I may be at a new agency, one all full of cool Queen St. downtown hip, but I am still just a button monkey working on shilling beer. Before it was Molson brands, now it is Labatts. The work here is a bit more challenging which is good, and there is an Island Foods within easy walking distance, which is great.

The fire pole and rotating sign

The slide, note the skid marks as people try desperately to slow down.

The bleachers - good for meetings.

My veal pen.


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