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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Toothpaste of the Month February-March 2007

Ok, this month we have a double header to make up for the fact that I let everyone down last month and didn’t meet my toothpaste deadline. Two from Colgate; a winner and a loser.

The Winner
Colgate Tooth Powder with Super Shakti and Calcium.
A fine bright white powder; high on the foaming and taste scale, low on the abrasive. This almost talcum fine minty powder has the power to surprise and please; strong enough to brighten even a cigarette or coffee deadened pallet, but no nasty grit on the tongue. At our house and the cottage it has been a hit with users both young and old. Unlike many of the heavily coloured powders it also has the added bonus of not leaving unsightly stains on the sink or walls. This toothpowder has recently had a re-launch in India and I notice they have added a “NEW” splash and lost the “Super Shakti” too bad. Colgate Tooth Powder with Super Shakti and Calcium – February-March 2007s Toothpaste of the Month.

The Loser
Colgate 2in1 Icy Blast Whitening Liquid Gel
I admit it, I am a sucker for sparkly things, and they don’t call me “magpie” for nothing! I bought this because I thought it would look pretty on my toothbrush. No such luck. It looks dull and drab, it is about as Icy as a day in June, the texture is ooze-a-riffic, and my teeth are no whiter. They still make the stuff, but I am not sure why. Colgate 2in1 Icy Blast Gel - February-March 2007s Stink Paste of the Month.

A Request
While I have you in a toothpaste mode, maybe you can help me, if anyone has ever seen this for sale anywhere in the GTA could they please let me know? One of my favourite toothpastes of all time is the Japanese Roasted Eggplant and Salt and I would love to compare this to it. Thanks.


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