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Monday, March 05, 2007


My performance on this blog has been underwhelming. Sketchy posting, sketchy writing, poor punctuality.

My Toothpaste of the Month performance has been very underwhelming, don't worry though, I will do a double of March to make up for it. Hopefully by this weekend.

My health was underwhelming for part of January and most of February. A month of an on again off again series of infections culminated in full on pneumonia, and being bed ridden for 5 days. Great way to start a new job eh? Show up for one day, spend most of it puking in the bathroom and then disappear for 5 working days. Can’t say I’m not smooth. Speaking of underwhelming health, my stupid old arm is still hurting. Carrying around your baby can give you a very sore arm. This didn’t happen the first time around, mind you I was 16 years younger.

My poor baby daughter has a genetic disposition to an underwhelming booty. I being of sound body and mind hereby will my daughter Jemima enough of my estate to have cosmetic surgery on her ass if she so chooses once she reaches the age of 18. You can all be my witnesses on that one. The poor thing seems to have picked up all of the unpleasant attributes of my body shape, from the protruding belly to the not just flat, but almost concave arse. Let’s hope she gets some good stuff from her mom.

The bagel I just ate was decidedly underwhelming. Stale and dry. The cheddar was nice and tangy though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this BLOG site-GREG-YOU ROCK!!
I am honoured that you have let me peek into your life like this-


12:18 PM


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