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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lousy with Lychee Love

The girl, she loves the Lychee. Can’t get enough of the Lychee. It used to be that she loved the Grape, and don’t get me wrong she still does, but that love is weak compared to the love of the Lychee. She can have a grape in hand, ready to devour, but it will be cast aside, like yesterday’s news should she see a Lychee. One peak at the reddish brown bumpy skin and the fingers start flying and the lips start flapping “More More More”.

She pretty much feels the same way about frozen blueberries (wait until she tries real ones come blueberry season). I was getting something out of the freezer this morning and all of a sudden there was a little hand clutching my calf, and a little voice “More More More”. I offered her an ice cube, the cold pack and was at a loss until I took a peak from her sightline and could see the blueberry container. What a great baby.


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