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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Socks, Lies, and Hoarding The Grapes.

So the wee one loves to say socks when you are putting them on. She also loves to say shoes, clock, cow and tons of other words. It is like she is adding an addition on to the word centre of her brain right now. She tries to learn about half the words you say to her. Most only get one or two tries, but some stick around. My parents just spent the weekend with us and their dog is named Xotchi (pronounced zahchee), and that one has stuck, probably because she really likes the dog. Clock is a hit too, and somehow she has managed to figure out that digital clocks, hand clocks and watches are all “clocks” which means it is a word you can use over and over.

Get this; the wiener has been caught lying twice now. Not bad given that despite the constant babble and parroting she is barely speaking. We were riding home in the car last week and I was feeding her fruit leather. She had a mouthful and a handful but turned to me and asked for more. I said, finish what you have and I will give you more, at which point she transfers the leather to her other hand, covers it with her fist and holds up the empty hand and tells me “all gone”. The nerve! Last night she came home from daycare with her grandma and pulled a fast one on her too. When her mom brings her home they have dinner in the high chair, then they have a bath and then they go into the bedroom to watch a little bit of TV, finish dinner and get into the pajamas. Well last night they are just in the door when her majesty takes her grandmother off to the bedroom and tells her “Dora Dora Dora”. No mention of the food or the bath, just the Dora. What a trickster.

I was making breakfast for everybody on Sunday morning and it was just the bairn and I in the kitchen. To keep her from getting underfoot I handed her a bowl full of green grapes and told her to sit. I got busy and when I next looked down she was standing there with an empty bowl it had been too fast for her to eat them all, so I figured the dogs got lucky. Imagine my surprise when about 3 minutes later she opened the cupboard door and pulled out a green grape. She took a bite, put the rest back in the cupboard and closed the door.


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