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Friday, December 29, 2006

Toothpaste Of The Month

So, I have a bit of a problem with perspective. When I decide to try or to do something I usually throw myself into it. Take Aqua Teen Hunger Force for example. I hear from some of the workers at the daycare that their teens love ATHF. So I download all four seasons and burn them to DVD and have been watching nothing else for days (well not nothing else – but almost nothing else.) I have much the same problem with toothpaste. I love to try new and exciting kinds of toothpaste. This means that at any given time we may have between 8 and 12 different kinds of toothpaste in the house. Why you ask? Cause I like it. I have a bit of a thing for the toothpastes of Asia as well. So at the moment we have mostly toothpastes from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but quite often we have Chinese or Japanese toothpastes as well. I am going to be profiling a new toothpaste each month so that others can share in my love of expansive dental hygiene.

This month’s toothpaste is Dabur Red Toothpaste. “Strong teeth. Keeps dental problems away” This is an excellent mid-foaming paste with the added goodness of Laung, Pudina and Tomar. It combines most of the medicinal qualities of the heavenly Dabur Red Toothpowder, with a cleansing foam and very little of the mess that is the powder’s downfall. I can’t recommend this toothpaste enough. It will keep your mouth clean and healthy, and give you a slight burning tingle you can enjoy for about 15 to 20 minutes afterward. If you want to ramp that burn up I suggest a big slug of hot coffee right after you leave the bathroom. Yowza! Darbur Red Toothpaste – January 2007s Toothpaste Of The Month.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Soooo Much

Her first birthday cake. Carrot, made that morning by her loving mother. Notice the death grip on the balloon strings. Nobody was getting her balloons.

The balloons were the biggest hit of the day, and are still in the bathtub for splashing good fun.

So much has happened since I last posted here. The wee bairn has changed so much since I last happened here. If I keep eating ice cream this way my girth will increase so much I wont fit in my chair.

Anyhow, in my absence the girl has had her first birthday. She has taken her first steps. She has mastered new words – bye bye & hot for instance. She has had her one-year vaccines and gotten sick as a result. Most earth shattering of all, she has started at Daycare. It is a whirlwind of change and I am staggering in its blast.

Things that haven’t changed – I still love her, she still makes me laugh.

My Ear Doesn’t Hurt

So I have this dorky problem with my left ear. Once or twice a year the middle ear fills with this nasty yellowish fluid and it causes my eardrum to retract. This results in a mild to severe hearing loss in that ear depending on how long I let it go. I walk around feeling like someone has a finger in my ear (a big hot finger), and saying “what”, “pardon” & “huh” a lot. I also have the TV up so loud that my wife and the teenager are very rude about me. Whatever – it is easily solved. I go to my E.N.T. Doctor (Chapnick at Mt. Sinai – really I recommend him; painless, courteous and fast. If I ever need a nose job, he will be my man – but I digress) and he puts a tube through my ear drum, the fluid leaks out, the eardrum can loosen up and I can hear. After 6 months or so the tube falls out, or gets plugged or whatever and he has to fix it up. Well last week the phantom finger came back, “pardon” became my favourite word, and little nuclear explosions of noise and pain were going off in my middle ear. I dropped in on good old Chappy this morning, and within 5 minutes he had diagnosed a plugged tube, pulled it out and sent me on my way. It used to be way more time consuming and painful with my old E.N.T., mostly because she used a grommet instead of a tube which meant that sometimes it attached itself to my eardrum – and trust me that hurts like a mother when they pull it loose, that and she often used me as a teaching case - and believe me, you don’t want a resident poking multiple holes in your eardrum with a teeny tiny scalpel. I will be fine now until the hole closes up and the fluid returns. Hopefully I will make it through the summer. It puts the kibosh on swimming when you have a hole in your eardrum. Three things you should know about eardrums. When they put in or take out a tube it is REALLY FREAKIN LOUD! When you forget that you have the tube in and go swimming in the ocean it REALLY FREAKIN STINGS! And when they are sucking the freezing off your eardrum with a little suction tool, it makes your middle ear change temperature and the ROOM REALLY SPINS! Thought you might want to know.

My Arm Hurts

So about a week or so ago the baby and I were in the living room. She was taking her beanbags in and out of their can and I started tossing one straight up to the roof and catching it. I was lying flat on my back and shooting it right up, sort of like throwing a dart. It was sort of fun, trying to hit the same spot each time, and she found it quite amusing. After a while I noticed that my elbow was getting stiff. The next day my arm felt as if I had been at a bar playing darts all night. Sore sore sore. Well, it hasn’t gotten any better, in fact it is getting steadily worse. To the point that picking something up in my right hand and rotating it is really painful. Even this typing is making my arm go numb from the elbow down. I couldn’t figure it out, how come it still hurts? How come it is getting worse? Am I that hopelessly out of shape that at 41 I am falling apart? Then today we were walking from the car to the corner. The dog had to poop, and I wanted to share a bagel with the baby, I was just back from the hospital and deserved a treat. Halfway there I was almost dropping her my arm hurt so much, why hadn’t I brought the stroller? Then it hit me. I carry her around for a good portion of the day, particularily the last 3 as she has been ill and whiny, and I do almost all the carrying in the crook of my right elbow. That is a lot of strain for already damaged muscles to be taking. I am hoping that once she is feeling better and doesn’t need quite so much carrying it will start to mend.

Things she love to eat


Things she hates to eat

Anything that isn’t a grape. “Is that a grape? If that isn’t a grape I won’t be eating it!”

Things she might eat if she hasn’t seen a grape lately

Sun-Sprout Mung Bean Patties
Baby mush in jars
(if she happens to lay her eye on a grape while eating these all bets are off)