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Monday, December 11, 2006

My Arm Hurts

So about a week or so ago the baby and I were in the living room. She was taking her beanbags in and out of their can and I started tossing one straight up to the roof and catching it. I was lying flat on my back and shooting it right up, sort of like throwing a dart. It was sort of fun, trying to hit the same spot each time, and she found it quite amusing. After a while I noticed that my elbow was getting stiff. The next day my arm felt as if I had been at a bar playing darts all night. Sore sore sore. Well, it hasn’t gotten any better, in fact it is getting steadily worse. To the point that picking something up in my right hand and rotating it is really painful. Even this typing is making my arm go numb from the elbow down. I couldn’t figure it out, how come it still hurts? How come it is getting worse? Am I that hopelessly out of shape that at 41 I am falling apart? Then today we were walking from the car to the corner. The dog had to poop, and I wanted to share a bagel with the baby, I was just back from the hospital and deserved a treat. Halfway there I was almost dropping her my arm hurt so much, why hadn’t I brought the stroller? Then it hit me. I carry her around for a good portion of the day, particularily the last 3 as she has been ill and whiny, and I do almost all the carrying in the crook of my right elbow. That is a lot of strain for already damaged muscles to be taking. I am hoping that once she is feeling better and doesn’t need quite so much carrying it will start to mend.


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