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Monday, December 11, 2006

Soooo Much

Her first birthday cake. Carrot, made that morning by her loving mother. Notice the death grip on the balloon strings. Nobody was getting her balloons.

The balloons were the biggest hit of the day, and are still in the bathtub for splashing good fun.

So much has happened since I last posted here. The wee bairn has changed so much since I last happened here. If I keep eating ice cream this way my girth will increase so much I wont fit in my chair.

Anyhow, in my absence the girl has had her first birthday. She has taken her first steps. She has mastered new words – bye bye & hot for instance. She has had her one-year vaccines and gotten sick as a result. Most earth shattering of all, she has started at Daycare. It is a whirlwind of change and I am staggering in its blast.

Things that haven’t changed – I still love her, she still makes me laugh.


Anonymous newman said...

ok, its about time i stopped lurking around these posts!

I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I love j's milestones, i love the pics, the stories, the snatches of news about the adult residents of the house, the candid display of disaters (advance warnings to those of us with wee-er_than_thou ones). You make all this hard work sound like not so much hard work. I often find latenight comic relief in your versions of this brighter side.

we have appreciated music links, recipes, and hearing about the heart/aches and pains. So thank you for sharing such a lovely picture window into your day to day.

wishing you more peace, laughter and love in the brightening days ahead. Happy new year! May we all be playing scrabble again soon.....

your winnipeg connection

1:23 PM


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