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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Even sweatier, and dressed like an idiot man child

Turtles-No Fashion Worries

Hot pink crocs, over sized shirt, cargo shorts. I am not dressed like the adults I grew up around, even less the Mad Men of 5 - 10 years earlier. Can't say much for their taste in clothes now though, the gang we were on a tour with today, well, they were all dressed like me, or even more slob-like.

Woke up and for the first time since arriving here at this house, my parents were up before us. My father had gotten up at the crack of dawn and rushed off to buy us tickets for a tram ride through Highland Hammock State Park. We ate, did some laundry and set off, first to the post office (Jemima had a letter to send to her grandmother, i, for the first time in a long time have written NO postcards on this trip, just haven't wanted to), then off to the state park.

Fashion Winners!

It is a tidy, multi-use park on a piece of land that incorporates a variety of natural habitats, Hammock, Swamp, Cypress Swamp, Pine Flatlands, etc. It was a private piece of land, then a private park, then during the thirties and the new-deal it was taken over by the CCC and set up as a state park. We took a leisurely bike ride, hike, had a picnic and then took a VERY underwhelming tram tour of the "out of bounds" portions of the park. Saw enough 'gators to get tired of them, and some deer, plenty of turtles but no River Otters. Jemima was a trooper despite our Ranger's egregiously lackluster performance, and the heat of the afternoon.

Please Ms Ranger, tell me more

Then we bought some honey souvenier for J's teacher, and came home to pack. We are headed home tomorrow! Will be happy to see N and the dogs and to sleep in my own bed, but don't really want to go back to work yet. Jemima was actually a help during packing, but then discovered/remembered I have Archie comics on the ipad and hasn't been seen since.


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