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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Populace Direct Bus Glasses Supermarket

My favourite sign.

What I Miss About China
• eating with chopsticks every day
• clean, cheap, plentiful public transport
• being one of the tallest people around at any given time
• not being at work
• seeing Morag every day
• the adventure of being/seeing/doing all that new stuff

What I Don’t Miss About China
• the pollution
• the being stared at all the time
• missing Nicci and Jemima
• the noise

Things I Wish I Had Brought More Of Home With Me
• peanut-butter and chocolate Oreos
• good pictures
• one of those cute little tortoises for sale in Shanghai
• containers of peanut soy milk
• a nice Dragon-Turtle ornament from Beijing
• Pleasant Goat merchandise 

Things I Plan On Doing
• posting some of the not-so-great photos I took
• publicly thanking Fang Zhang for helping me out with translation before I left, and generally putting my mind at ease. Thanks Fang!

The saddest store in China, one guy, a black and white TV and empty, dusty, pop bottles.


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