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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Onna Plane!

So we have just passed over the coastline to Russia. I can't see any frozen Tundra below me, just clouds, and it was dark when we went over the arctic ocean. I know it is a shorter route to go up and over, but it is so counter intuitive, I have spent my life looking at two dimensional maps, I have to keep checking the onscreen display and waiting for the 3-D version to come up. The picture in my head keeps reverting to the 2-D, go west over Canada and then the Pacific model. My row mate and I are sharing an empty seat, and the little girl behind me has just announced that we are more than halfway there. I have watched twofilms and had two naps so far. My lunch was vegetarian, but for dinner they brought me chicken salad, seems they have me down as a diabetic and not a veggie.I wish I could go back to sleep, but my rear end has beaten me to it, and is hogging the bed.

Now we are half an hour outside of Shanghai, my tubeless ear is busy popping, breakfast was tofu scramble, I slept for another couple of hours and watched another movie. Mongolia/Northern China was really snowy and empty looking, now it is crowded and chilly looking. My seat mate has been wonderful, much nicer than the stewardess who wouldn't get me a pen, look me in the eye or tell me what kind of Congee it was for breakfast. I have had the map display running for the last little while, and if Morag and I manage to do everything we have planned, we are going to cover quite a lot of ground.


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