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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Plane! The Plane!

We may live in an upper-income part of the city right now, but that doesn’t stop it being under the flight path that planes use while waiting to land at Pearson Airport. I think we are right at the bottom west edge of the path because during the day there is a plane banking to the north east over our heads about once every 3 minutes. I am not complaining about it, they aren’t that noisy (way up high), and it blends into the background pretty quickly. Compared to being in Parkdale during the airshow it is nothing. Nothing to grown-ups maybe, but to someone who is 19 month old and curious about everything, it is pretty cool. She doesn’t mention every plane, but certainly each one she can hear, "plane, plane" and she is always looking for them, even in the house. She also likes differentiating between cars and trucks simply by the sound. She won’t even look out the window, just be sitting there “truck” or “car” depending. I love her.


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