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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going to China?!?

So I am off to China in 4 days to visit the big girl. That is right, she is living and working in China, and I am taking advantage of Chinese New Year to go and visit her. I won't lie, I am freaked out. I don't know the language, (6 weeks of University Mandarin don't count), I am old and fat, and I will be leaving Jemima and Nicci. Yes, I am freaked out. On the plus side, it is 3 weeks away from work, it is a chance to see my daughter after 4.5 months, and a chance to see things I have been dreaming of seeing ever since I first laid eyes on National Geographic back at Dr. Knowles' office. If I have access to Internet I will try and post on here every couple of days and keep sort of a running journal of what is going on. Freaked out.


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