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Friday, July 20, 2007

Enough with the motor vehicles already.

I have spent the last 3 days, morning ‘til night, close-cropping motorcycles and 4 wheelers for a new website. If I see one more dirt-bike I am going to squeal. I turned them all into tiny little navigation button images this morning, so hopefully the job is now out of my hands, and sitting happily with the flash developers. Who would have thought that spokes could raise the blood pressure so.


Blogger Pastor McPurvis said...

Don't worry about not posting! I haven't been exactly regular in my offerings either. Work, family, and fun tend to get in the way!

Awesome pics of the kids! Here are a couple of mine:

Pastor McPurvis' Flicker site

Overweight, out of shape, and happy in Florida,

Pastor McPurvis

9:11 AM

Blogger bunnyboy said...

My favourite was "in the window", hee hee hee. I recognize the "my patio" as well. We have a lot of "my" things at our house too.

9:38 AM


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