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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Aiee Yi Yi!

I haven’t written anything on here for like a year. Dude! Not really sure why, I think being back at work took some of the fun out of it, not seeing the wee one all day is sort of depressing. Anyhow, so many of the blogs that I visit are up and vanishing that I thought I should post something here to keep it alive, at least until I finish grabbing the whole thing to make a book out of for N. I promised it to her as an Xmas gift and I still haven’t finished it. Bad husband bad. I also promised a complete detailing of the fridge, and I managed to stall on that until it up and died last month, then I had no choice; the repair guy could not see that mess.

The Girls

Big – Really big, really grown up, really getting ready to leave home, can’t believe it, off up north for a summer of working and then out to Waterloo for Nano-Engineering. I don’t know how I am going to deal with her being gone. Sure we are ready for the change in a lot of ways, we are rubbing each other the wrong way too often, we misunderstand each other all the time, I always seem to be making her mad, and if I really want to get her mad I just have to ask what is wrong, she is keeping more and more of her life private and I guess it has to happen sometime. But wahhh whahhh waaa, my baby, my first-born, 18 years of constant loving work, out the door. I am getting weepy just typing about it. She sure is tall and beautiful and confident though. You should see her drive off in the car by herself, or come breezing in at 2am from a party. So excited for her, so freaked out for me.

Small – Way bigger, way more grown up, way more trouble, way cuter. A walking talking bossing whining joking laughing loud infuriating 2.5 year old bundle of Jemima. Don’t really like to swear on here, but seriously, she is fucking great! Absolutely committed to pushing boundaries for herself, for us. Likes swimming lessons, visiting Riverdale farm, riding her bike, getting read stories while she is using the potty and taking stuff from her big sisters room. Dislikes sitting still at the table, being told what to do, sleeping in her own bed, being told what to wear, following orders of any kind. Seriously, she is two and a half and she has already perfected the blank, look at anything but me face when I am “talking” to her. This morning she was being a crud on the subway, clinging, crawling between peoples legs, yelling etc. when we got off at our station and I sat her down to tell her off, she avoided all eye contact, and kept trying to change the subject. If she isn’t doing that she is slowly blinking her eyes, or pretending I am not there. She is almost toilet trained and is preparing for 2 major life events. A big girl bed, and moving up to big kids at daycare, they are both still a bit off, but she is aware they are approaching.

The Woman –just finished her degree. Yay for the scholar. I am very proud – given my own scholastic history you wouldn’t think it would matter so much to me, but it makes me puff up my chest and want to brag. She has got herself a new job teaching hearing kids – which will be a big change, but nothing she can’t handle. We are going to spend this weekend cleaning up the garage. Why? Well because we know how to keep the romance alive.

Same as always; in-love with the 3 of them, overweight, out of shape, and happy.

Enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had tp hear about it from this what you do until 2am pretending to have alone time while you wait for Mo to come home?

11:10 AM

Anonymous newman said...

oh bunny boy, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for updating my vision of your kids. they are gorgeous. how is it possible that Jemima has gotten even more cute?? I barely even know her, and I could eat her up. sigh.
all our good winnipeg lovin'. newman, Murr and the newmurlets
hope i didn't spoil anythink with the wife.....

8:27 AM

Blogger Vinyl Room said...

Hello Bunnyboy,

You didn't leave me your email address, and I need that to invite you at the end of the week.


5:02 AM

Blogger Vinyl Room said...

Thanks Email now received.


11:33 AM

Blogger Lemoncat,, said...

great pics and a great family you have bunnyboy :) reading all that reminds me of my little terror :)
but we wouldn't change em for the world.. hope you and your loved ones have a really great christmas time BB.. later dude.

9:19 AM


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