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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Toothpaste of the Month May 2007

Have you ever cleaned paintbrushes in an enclosed space, and after a while the smell of the Varsol gets so strong that you can taste it? Keep that flavour in mind while I introduce you to Eagle Brand No.1 Tooth-Powder White – May 2007s Toothpaste of the Month.

An exciting blend of Thymol, Menthol, Camphor, Benzoic Acid, Calachagi (?), Eucalyptus Oil, Phenol, Lemongrass Oil and Kaolin; this very fine – soft even – white powder comes in a baby blue container with a trippy toothy logo. The container is easy to open, and has an inner lid to avoid spillage. However, the opening is a little too small to get the head of the toothbrush in, so if you want a good coating you have to tip it out on your brush, causing that spillage they were trying to avoid. The flavour is a mix of the aforementioned paint thinning chemical stew and good old-fashioned dust/dirt. This is the first powder where I can really notice the taste of the base. It reminds me of the smell of dusting the top of bookshelves. Not only does the taste of this powder come with great challenges, but I find it has a tendancy to effect the tastebuds for hours after, making other things taste different. I am not making it sound all that appealing - and to be honest – it isn’t. But it does a great job of cleaning your teeth, and the container is fun to look at. My guess is that the Menthol and Camphor taste in this powder will have long evaporated before I can finish the whole batch. It is worth a try if you are feeling up to a bit of oral adventure. With the attractive price of $1.69, how wrong can you go? You can probably find it in an Indian/Pakistani grocery store. I got mine at Iqbals Halal Foods.

Eagle Brand No.1 Tooth-Powder White – May 2007s Toothpaste of the Month.


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