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Friday, April 20, 2007

Pigeon Post Part Three

Life must be really hard for pigeons.

The one across the alleyway from me has disappeared. I am assuming she has met an unpleasant end. Why else would she sit on her eggs so diligently and then just up and vanish? Oh the brutal struggle that is life in this cold uncaring city.

A couple of other pairs of pigeons have stopped by to check the nest out, but haven’t taken up residence. I am guessing that the eggs are still in it, and are probably dead and nasty by now.

The pigeon corpse on the roof of the bathhouse is starting to show it’s age. It is decidedly unkempt and shriveled. I guess the warmer weather is having an effect.

If you ask me what I think of pigeons I would probably reply – unthinkingly – something along the lines of “rats with wings”. But once I start to think about it, they aren’t so bad. The purple sheen in their neck and on their head is beautiful. The way the males puff up their neck and then do their goofy looking mating dance is fun to watch. And anything that can prosper in as many unfriendly places as they do is worthy of a bit of respect. Sure, I don’t want them landing on my head, or cooing outside of my window at 5:30 AM, but I have decided I am going to cut them a bit more slack.


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