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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Are Sick!

Man, are we sick.

Sick sick sick.

I have had some sort of a flu. Aches and Pains, Fevers and Chills, Nausea, Diarrhea. No fun at all. I am still not all better 12 days in. I went days without solid food, and even had trouble keeping liquid inside. Not down, just inside. I thought I was getting better, but last night I started to get plugged up sinuses, and a painful nasty chest cough. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Not only have I been sick, but everybody else at home has as well.

The dog had bloody Diarrhea all over the carpet several times. She is better now. The Teenager stayed home a day last week, and then yesterday puked into a garbage can on the subway while going to school. The Wife seems to have the sort of cold/flu thing I had, not all the symptoms are the same, but it is close and is progressing in the same way (she is at the “the toilet is my best friend” stage right now.) The baby is running a fever and is all snotty, we thought it might be what we have, but the doctor says it is the ear infection come back to haunt us. Yeah, life is sweet at our place.

Last week was the first time the baby has been sent home from daycare. They called N and said “come and get her, fever of 101”. Unlucky baby, but lucky N. Makes you feel like such a super parent, dropping everything and rushing off to save your kid. She has been home since Friday, if she can go without aspirin tonight she can try going back tomorrow.

The baby is a total walker. Last week there was still some crawling, but no more. Oh sure she still has the Frankenstein style lurching going on, and hasn’t figured out how to move her centre of gravity down to her hips, but she walks. She really walks. She has even been working on the sideways and the backward walking.

The baby is really working on talking too. Not so much with recognizable words, (though got some very clear “there you go” action this morning) but her babble is becoming much closer to speech. She has been using punctuation for a while now, but lately the babble itself is mimicking what we have just said to her. She is convinced she is making perfect sense and “talks” to us all day long.

I have officially taken a new job. I will be working at Grip Ltd., which is an agency right down town in Toronto here. It will mean commuting again, which is a drag, but I am having to commute right now to take the baby to Daycare, and Grip is about a 15 minute walk from the daycare, so that is ok. I will be working with some comrades I have worked with before (Shout-outs to Nadia, David, Sharon, James, Jim etc.), and a whack of new people. I am excited and nervous and all a tizzy.

I am just hoping that I am all-better by Monday so that my first day is my best day.


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