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Friday, November 10, 2006

Sick, Tired and Gassy

The baby and I both have colds. Hers is evidenced mostly by a snotty nose and a poor temper, mine by, sniffles, aches and coughs. We feel crummy. I thought I was almost better, but it is back with a vengeance and seems to be moving in to my chest. What a surprise. I hope I haven’t passed that genetic failing on to daughter number 2. Sorry number 1, you got bum lungs.

On top of the cold I seem to have sprained a rib ligament, or busted a rib, or herniated something in my lower left chest. I was having a sneezing fit this morning, and a took a huge deep breath and let rip and something tore down there. Boy did I yell. It is okay if I sit still, but if I am carrying the baby on that side, or if I cough or sneeze, jeepers! I guess it wouldn't have happened if I was in better shape and didn't have such a middle aged, office sitting, fat guy belly.

N and I are so tired. Sure the baby is sleeping from 6ish to 4ish, but even if N nurses her at 4, and even if she hasn’t pooped, and gets back to sleep, N can’t seem to get back to sleep herself. I have no trouble falling back to sleep, but I am still the idiot I have always been and insist on staying up way too late. I did use the “should have been sleeping” time to watch Old Boy and The Departed. Both of which were pretty enjoyable. I thought that The Departed would have been better without Jack Nicholson, but I don’t really like him in much (besides Little Shop of Horrors.)

Not only are the girl and I gassy (another genetic failing or the curried dhal for lunch 4 days in a row – perhaps both?) but there has been a natural gas fiasco at the house too. Enbridge sent someone to replace the gas meter yesterday and after he was finished he announced we had a gas leak, that he couldn’t find it, that he had to leave and that he could not turn the gas back on. That meant, no hot water, no heat and no laundry – plus the chance that the house might explode, sweet. I used and called some gas contractors to have them find the leak but it is pretty hard to get someone to come out right away. Finally at about 6.30 (after the baby and I spent the entire day in the house waiting) the guy who installed the whole heating system in the house last year showed up and did a thorough check. He could not find a leak. He had to go, but he turned back on the gas and promised to be here today with some other equipment. The house hasn’t blown up yet and we are still breathing, so perhaps the Enbridge guy was wrong.

Well, we have a weekend coming up, and two birthday parties to attend, so things are looking up. Plus as of Monday the teenager is home.


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