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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Music Music Music Pt2

So we are still rocking the Dan Zanes and the Sho + Mo and the Monkey Bunch, but we have replaced the Yodeling Crazy. Not because we are tired of yodeling per se, but because trying new things is good.

Kid Koala
At first we listened to the new Kid Koala disc. It is more of the crazy turntable trickery that we love him for. It is called “Your Mom’s Favourite DJ” and the wee one really liked the talking and the trumpet sounds. Visit his site, and give the music a listen. If you like it, buy it. I am pretty sure he will never get rich of playing the wheels of steel.

Your Mom’s Favouite DJ

Okay, I admit it, I am listening to Sting. Yikes. Back in the day I didn’t like the Police. Most of my friends did, but I just couldn’t get into them. I guess I didn’t mind “Walking on the Moon”, but otherwise – P.U. So about a month or so ago there was an article in the Globe and Mail about Sting learning to play the lute for his new album of songs by this contemporary of Shakespeare. Sounded cool, I had never even heard of this John Dowland before, but as cool as it sounded, it was Sting. Then about 2 weeks back we are watching Studio 60… and who should they have on as a pseudo-guest but Sting, rocking it on his lute. So N says she wants to hear the album, and an N sanctioned music acquisition is the sweetest of all (right up there with N sanctioned television or film acquisition), so I went and got it right away. You know what, it is quite enjoyable. Especially after you have listened to it a couple of dozen times. The girl always does a little dance when the lute comes on, which, while she is pre-verbal, is her stamp of approval. Give it a listen.

Songs from the Labyrinth

Now, it is true that the baby and I listen to music everyday, and that there is certainly some she seems to enjoy more than others, but to be honest, she seems to like the sound of the CD player shuffling discs the most. That always stops her in her tracks and gets her searching for the source of the sound.


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