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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

GrandMothers Are Great

Nana knit her a sweater.
Yes, my mom (nana) knit the baby this beautiful red sweater. The very first time she wore it she decided to spit out an entire mouthful of banana/papaya smoothie. That really starts to smell after just a little while. It has been through the wash now and still looks just as super.

Grandma did some cooking.
N’s mom (grandma), who has done plenty of knitting herself brought us some lovely wild rice with mushrooms and baked beets. The wee bairn loves them both. As a matter of fact, she has eaten so many of the beets that one of her bodily expulsions has taken on quite a beet like hue.

GrandMothers are great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey.... the bookend kidlet looks great in red! But maybe I am biased!

10:14 PM


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