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Monday, October 23, 2006

Art Appreciation with Grandpa Martin.

Martin Ludwig Cohnstaedt would have been 89 years old on October the twelfth. Would have been, because it was his birthday. Unfortunately for everybody who knew him he died in 2001. He was a great man who led a long and complicated life and he is missed by anyone who got a chance to meet him. We were over having dinner at Martin’s house with N’s mom and brother and Morris on Thanksgiving and when I took the baby up to the bedroom for her nap she fell in love with the picture above. The original painting is in colour, but this is a picture of a reproduction we have at our house. What does that have to do with Martin you ask? A lot really. It was his picture from when he was a boy, it hung over Martin and Joy’s bed when N was growing up, and now N’s daughter loves it too. Cool eh? Painted by a starving artist woman back in the 20s for Martin’s family because she needed the money but wouldn’t take a handout, it has been in the family every since. The baby loved it. She talked to it, she pointed at it, she turned and twisted on the bed to keep it in view. I just thought it was cool for her to be connected to her mom, and her grandfather and her great-grandparents all through one painting. I didn’t think it was so cool that she wouldn’t go down for a nap, but we have to sacrifice for art don’t we?


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