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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Paving with good intentions.

Everyday I sit down when her majesty is taking her afternoon nap with the intention of posting something on here. And every day her majesty wakes up after just 35 minutes, so at the most I have done a bit of writing or edited some photos, but rarely do I have time to make an entire post. Later in the evening I am too tired or too busy or whatever. Tonight I am feeling ill so I have come up to bed early and thought I would post something up quickly so that I don't feel I am letting blogger down.

- the teenager is here this week - hurrah!
- the baby figured out how to clap yesterday and was going at it gangbusters today.
- she spent a good portion of today saying the word "up" over and over again.
- the teenager and I have watched 3 episodes of Heroes in the last two nights and are sort of hooked.
- everybody at the house is feeling a little ill.
- the baby has decided that 4am is the perfect time for bowel movements, which means by 4.30 she is awake, crying and stinking to high heaven. Most mornings by the time the diaper is changed there is no way she is going back to sleep. So we have been getting up early.
- I am not sure when the teenager has her bowel movements (ah the letting go as they grow up) but she probably doesn't want me talking about them on the internet anyways.
- fed the baby a lot of whole rice, prunes and beans today in an attempt to move the timing of the early morning BM up a bit. There was a minor explosion at about 2.30pm, so perhaps tonight we will be lucky.


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