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Friday, October 20, 2006

35 Minute Kid Update

Age – 10.5 months.
Average time of nap – 35 minutes. (Chillingly precise)
Number of teeth – 7. (But the drool and whining over the last few days hint at more on way)
Clothing size – 12-18 months.
Favourite Food – Green Peas (frozen, room temp, warm or mushed)
Least Favourite Food – Depends on her mood, but anything can incur her wrath, even G. Peas.
Walking – Took her first real no holding steps today, two of them. She went from leaning against a big blue cushion to my knees. Loves to walk around edges of furniture and behind her red flyer wagon.
Talking – Sit, No, Uh-oh, high there (usually in response to hello and pronounced hi dah) and Da (which mostly means Dog, but can mean anything she really likes)
Favourite Pastime – turning fan and light on and off in bedroom with remote.
Favourite Mode of Emotional Expression – Whining (but to be fair, a crazy, nose wrinkling grin is a very close second.
Favourite Bath Toy – Plug. Plug goes in, plug comes out, etc. etc.
Television Personality Most Like - Homer Simpson. Light goes on, Light goes off. Etc., Etc., Etc.,
Animal Most Like – Raccoon. No matter how many times I refill the recycling, she tips it over and strews it all around again.


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