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Friday, November 17, 2006

Fridge Wars

You may remember a picture of Her Majesty standing at the fridge door and inspecting its contents. It is something she really likes to do. Unfortunately for her, it has gone from standing at the door to climbing right inside, and balancing on the lip while she reaches in to pull stuff forth. This has of course led to several tumbles, head smashes and tears, not to mention food on the floor and a fridge that has to work overtime to stay cold. So her mother and I have laid down the law, no babies in the fridge, no babies at the fridge door. If you guess that J hates this new regime and feels it is despotic and unfair, you guessed correctly. Now every time she hears the door open she lunges to throw herself in, and I have to bodily remove her. As a result, we have less food spillage, and head smashing, but way more tears.


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