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Friday, November 17, 2006

Rockin with Red Zeppelin

Jemima has plenty of toys. We have been given oodles of them. She has books, puzzles, rattles, electronic noisemakers, two Dora dolls (one little and one life size), and 3 portable phones just for her. What is her favourite toy right now? This red plastic appliqué that came off of a gap sweatshirt that someone donated. She crawls all over the house with it in her hand. Folding it, chewing it, waving it, talking to it and bathing with it. I don’t get the appeal, but she sure does. It is a bit safer than last week’s fave, which was an empty Chandrika soap box. Sure it smelled nicer, but it is cardboard and was falling apart in her mouth when she chewed it.


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