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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Toothpaste of the Month June 2007

Vicco Vajradanti Herbal Toothpaste.

Let’s let the fine folks at Vicco Laboratories speak for themselves shall we?

“This is nature's perfect dental care programme. The pure extracts of 20 herbs and barks, tested over generations, have been blended into a potent combination that not only cleans teeth, but also protects and strengthens them.

Vicco Vajradanti offers this unique formula in a dental care paste that has natural astringent, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. These ingredients also stimulate and reinforce gums, while resisting plaque formation. It gives you strong gums, which make your bite mighty, which no cosmetic toothpaste can ever give.

Due to proven medicinal properties of its active ingredients, the Government has permitted manufacturing of Vicco products under Ayurvedic Drug License.”

Enough already, the simple fact of the matter is that Vicco Vajradanti Herbal Toothpaste, June 2007’s Toothpaste of the month, is the bomb! Seriously, this stuff is the shit! It is my favourite toothpaste bar none. Oh sure, there are others I have dallied with, Gopal Toothpowder with it’s sandblaster grade grit, some homemade stuff from my friend Yanni that looked like heroin and was so minty it hurt, an early nineties affair with Tom’s of Maine, but no toothpaste love of mine has endured for this long, or this firmly.

A mid-foaming paste of a pale chalky pinkish colour, it has a whole bouquet of flavours that bring to mind fine Indian Sweets, but without the sweetness. A seasoned toothpaste traveler, or a nervous newbie may easily appreciate it. The many flavours make this the kind of paste you can return to daily without getting bored. One caveat though, make sure you check the best before date on the box, sometimes shifty retailers will try and pass off old stock on us North Americans, and it has a tendency to dry out and go really stiff. I have had more than a few tubes burst while trying to squeeze some out.

One more thing, the Vicco Vajradanti powder should NOT be confused with the paste. It is a professional grade tooth-cleaner, and must be treated with respect. Really it will make you heave if you put too much on your brush.

Vicco Vajradanti Herbal Toothpaste, June 2007’s Toothpaste of the month. My favourite!


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