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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This Week

“Oh” is still going strong, and has had a couple of new inflections added. As well J has figured out that it is Cows that go Moo, and lets us know regularly. When we see a picture of a cow, when she picks up her little plastic Old MacDonald cow, when a cow shows up on Zoboomafoo or Baby Einstein. Yes, I let my under two watch TV, but only for about 15 minutes a day when we are getting dressed for bed. Someone named Jemima is usually very cranky by then and the 15 minutes of quiet zoning out makes the bedtime routine that much easier. And yes, I do feel a bit guilty about it. She is also working on Baa for sheep and goats, but she has trouble with the B sound so it comes out something like “AAAhhh!” at a high volume. As well, she has learned that dogs make a growling sound. I play this game where I gently curl up the dog’s lips to bare her teeth and then I growl. Jemima usually thinks it is pretty funny, and a couple of days ago I came into the room to catch her stretching the dogs lip up and growling. Thank the goddess that the dog is so freaking patient. I don’t know how I would get through the day without her help. Tomorrow some guys are coming to install gas fireplaces, which means we will be stuck in the house all day, and will miss indoor playground.


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