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Monday, October 02, 2006

Mushrooms In The City

So this whole thing started about two and a half weeks ago. I was walking in the off-leash area with the baby and the dog and there were all sorts of beautiful mushrooms along the path. Big and Small, Edible and Poisonous. Weird and Plain. I planned to take some pictures of them and post them, but then the park went under construction and the only way in is too far to get to, get pictured and swung and get back before nap time. So I took a bunch of pictures of 'shrooms around the 'hood, and a bunch at the cottage. Sadly my mushroom books are in storage so I can't identify most of these. The most edible of the bunch, the giant puffballs, I was so excited about that I ate before I took a picture of them. They were very tasty. Tried them battered and plain. Liked them both ways. N was worried about me eating mushrooms I picked and refused to eat hers until 3 days later just to make sure I didn't die. So with her spirit of caution in mind here is my disclaimer - picking and eating mushrooms is VERY dangerous. It should not be attempted unless you REALLY know what you are doing. Now that's out of the way, has anyone noticed what a glourious mushroom season this is? Wicked! The little teeny tiny orange ones in the top picture were growing in the wood chips in the holes in the climber in the park. They were very tiny, but they weren't a slime mold or anything like that, they were itty bitty individual fungus fruiting bodies. I like fungus.


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