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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Super Supermarket

Today's original plan had been to sleep in, then wander around campus (people are beginning to return, there were about a hundred or so in the one cafeteria open tonight, the day before I arrived, Morag was all alone. To put it in perspective, there are 4 big cafeterias on campus here, each seat between 300 and 600 people at a time and they are usually so full that you have to shove people aside to get up the stairs.), and then maybe visit the giant athletic/movie theater/bowling alley/coffee shop just off the south end of the campus. Turns out we slept in too late to wander campus and get breakfast, then when we got to the mega-use-complex everything but the movie theater seemed abandoned. So, we took a bus ride (about 40 minutes) to a shopping mall that along with 2 different donut shops, a two story KFC, and a Pizza Hut has a GIGANTIC Grocery Store. Well it was more than a grocery store really, imagine a Costco, but where you don't have to be a member and where you can buy just one or two of something and not have to go for the 20L jar of mayonnaise. I hadn't seen any bulk food in Chinese Grocery Stores (CGS), Auchan had it. I hadn't seen a produce section of any merit in CGS, Auchan had it (nearly all the produce was individually shrink wrapped, but there was plenty of it.) Plus a bakery, plus a butchers and a live aquatic animal butcher (be thankful you aren't a soft shelled turtle in China, your life expectancy would be pretty short here.) Not to mention the restaurant, and the two full aisles of Ramen Noodles - two full grocery store aisles of different flavors of Ramen and other instant Noodle soups. If we had been outside, instead of in air-conditioned comfort (both heating and cooling is referred to as air conditioning here - which when you think about it, makes sense) then the far end of the store would have faded into air polluted grey. The place was maximum size, no joke.

After buying belts, booze, mangoes, souvenirs and school books we came back to Campus and ate dinner at the cafeteria (not so tasty really, but less than one Canadian dollar to fill the belly to bursting.)

Then back to Mo's room to re-wire her bathroom light (guess where we got the electrical tape and the light bulb?) and try and Skype my darling wife to wish her a happy Valentines. No luck, she wasn't on line. But just so as she and everyone else in the world knows. I Love Her, and Can't Wait To See Her!!!

We might go see a movie later if we have the energy.


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