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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Normally when I go on vacation or travel I love to send postcards. It makes me feel good, I honestly get pleasure from it. So I have been writing postcards while I am here, and sending them off (19 at last count), but they just aren't giving me the boost they have in the past. Partly I think it is because I write on here every day, partly it is because I am nervous that they aren't going to even make it to Canada. (None of the many packages sent to Morag have gotten to her yet, although my mom received word that the one she posted has at least arrived in China.) Maybe next time, no blogging, just post carding. Probably not, I am doing the blog mostly for Nicci, because she likes it, and I really like her. So too bad for you potential postcard receiving people. Blah Blah Blah, what I really mean is I miss Jemima and Nicci, I am about ready to go home. I want my sweetie and my little baby. I want my bed, and my dog. The home fries at breakfast were good, but the coffee really sucked and I miss Nicci. Waaaaaa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're actually blogging for me Greg - you know, your other wife! AD

3:08 PM


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