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Monday, February 07, 2011

Squat It!

I am not grossed out by squat toilets, I don't even really mind them, especially if they are the modern style flushing ones. Whatever, you gotta go, you gotta go. I just want to know how people can read/play video games/smoke while they are on them. I  barely have the ability to void myself between trying to balance and keep my calves from cramping up. I guess it is doing it all your life, but I am still deeply impressed.

In the interest of full disclosure, I DO NOT like a squat toilet on trains or busses. If I was the only one ever going to use it and I was only going to use it once, well then maybe. A multi use/multi user squat toilet on a moving vehicle is a recipe for pools of human waste over the whole floor. Call me prissy, but can you imagine the bacteria count on everything in there, and what about the carpet or floor outside the bathroom. The "three second rule" need not apply. Truthfully, I move through the world happily ignoring germ worries, so I guess the reason I am thinking about it here is the smell, it is hard to pretend the bathroom is germ free when your eyes and nose are watering from the smell of dried urine.

PS thanks to the anonymous comment maker for the picture, i went with this one because it looked more like the one on the train. Well, the train one was stainless steel set in green plastic floor tiles, but you know.

PPS - turns out that blogspot and the proxy server don't like each other, and if I try and attach pictures from my end it doesn't work. Oh well.


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