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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Beautiful Kid - No Money Down!

How do you make such a beautiful baby with almost no money down? With the help of friends and family, that is how. We have made it to the ten month mark (Oct 4th), and hardly had to buy any clothes, furniture or toys. Really! In the picture above, the floor tiles are from my sister, the music table from F & G, the clothing is a conglomeration of serveral people and the books are from J.T. The only thing we bought in this picture is the diaper wrap and you can't even see that. Sure we bought her fancy carrier, and the stroller (but not without a donation from my Mom and Dad), and the diaper bag, but otherwise it is like we are living in the most perfect Value Village made just for us. So this is a big shout out, props, an enourmous thank-you to thems what have made it possible.

Family wise – Joy and Morris, Mike and Jackie, Karena and Justin, Craig and Nancy. Special thanks go to big sister Morag, for baby sitting and just being the cool one.

Friendship Land – First and formost the thanks must go Fiona and Garber and to Jennifer T. Really these two families have made clothing our daughter a pain free, cost free, stylish treat. Not only clothes though, toys and furniture and dishes. Not just baby stuff - no no, these kind kind people provided maternity clothing as well. Yes, they rock.

Now I am aware of the concept of Karma, so when any of my friends procreate I will do my best to pass these goods and this goodwill forward.

Thanks for making these incredible 10 months even better everybody.

PS if i have missed anybody, many apologies. The lack of sleep wrecks havoc on the memory.


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